Anna Meredith – Masks of the Selkie

Anna Meredith is a writer living on the Monterey Bay in California. She is currently researching and writing a novel and series following a selkie as she journeys around the world through many cultures, lives, and loves. Her background in anthropology and environmental education is supported by biologists, native consultants, and a motley crew of amazingly gifted artists, technical wizards, and a kid who loves stories.

What’s on Anna’s Desk

Books, books, too many to mention them all!


Papers in the Very Important Basket

  • Post-its full of notes on traditional navigation in the South Pacific
  • Articles by writing coach Andy Couturier
  • Interview notes from Burney LeBoeuf and Peter Cook on pinnipeds as shapeshifters with issues


Music to quiet the chatter


Out the window

  • Mystery beetle visitor, striped and two inches long
  • Stars calling me to ponder navigating over dark waves
  • Sleepy sheepies and a black stray cat


Various sundries

  • Globe with ocean currents to be spun and puzzled over
  • Tree of  Wisdom complete with Answer Box and Waiting Chair (or what happens when my kid finally gets me to play Legos)
  • Mermaid Repellent and Bait (directions: sprinkle into sea.  sometimes they swim closer.  sometimes they swim away.  it’s complicated.)


The Anna Merediths I Am Not

I wish I had written this book,

though I know a few biologists

who may want it for their own.

Anna Meredith the Composer

Wow. Hope to meet her someday

when I visit the UK for selkie research

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